Friday, September 5, 2008

Octoberfest in Makati

I saw this news on TV featuring about the traffic jam in Makati, Manila due to the presence of the "bars" set-up along the street for the Octoberfest. They say that this 120-day festivity is done hopefully to land a world record for the longest beer bar, to beat the record of Taiwan?

I don't see anything good about this so-called festivity. What would this bring to the Filipinos? A world record being beer drinkers? I don't see anything good about this really.

All of us know that a lot of our brother Filipinos are having a hard time making ends meet and couldn't even have three descent meals in a day. And here we are trying to do something that won't do good to solve these problems.

Why I am not for this Octoberfest?
1. It creates traffic.
2. It promotes drinking, which doesn't do anything good for one's body.
3. Drinkers get drunk and some would drive drunk ( meets accidents), get into verbal arguments and start a fight.
4. Noisy bands.
5. Unhealthy 'pulutans'.
6. Dangerous second-hand smoke (from cigarette smokers and barbecue grills)
7. Creates bigger pile of garbage.
8. and a countless of other things which doesn't do good to the human body or to the environment.

How about you? What can you say about this Octoberfest?

Let your mind speak up too!